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Property Check

Property Check

Welcome to Property Check!

Property Check was created to provide peace of mind for our out of town home owners in the Orlando area. We conduct a monthly visual inspection of your property by doing a thorough walk thru of the inside and outside of your home and report any concerns back to you.

We will email the home owner pictures of any areas of concern.

We have a standard 25 point check list we follow​ and will send an email monthly with a clean bill of health, but can also customize a list of each home owners individual concerns​. We also have a list of trusted contractors we have used over the years for any repairs that need to be done. ​

Over the years many of my out of town home owners have asked me about a monthly service they can trust  for checking on their homes and making sure everything is running right.
My husband Derek and I have decided to start our own company for this over whelming demand by our past clients  who have entrusted us over the years.
Even if you have your home listed for rent with a rental company we feel that somebody needs to be holding them accountable as well.  We also feel if a third party is checking on the property monthly and reporting to the owner this will ensure that.

-Kelly and Derek Stam

-Single family homes $99.00 a month recurring monthly.

-Condominiums $49.00 a month recurring monthly. 

-There will be a 10% discount for owners with more then one property.

***No contract or penalty for cancelation***

Exterior Inspection

  • Visual inspection of entire property
  • All outside windows and seals
  • All outside entry doors including garage doors
  • Pool and pool screen
  • Pool equipment
  • Water level and pool color
  • Visual inspection of A/C unit
  • Landscaping and lawn
  • Check landscaping sprinkler system
  • Remove any flyers from front door and driveway
  • Check mail box for mail
  • Check for any structural cracks
  • Check for any water erosion around foundation
  • Start any cars to maintain battery power

Interior Inspection

  • Inspect inside of Garage for any visual leaks
  • Visual inspection of water heater
  • Visually inspect all breakers
  • Inspect of ceilings for water intrusion
  • Flush all toilets
  • Check under all bathroom sinks for leaks
  • Check all showers and tubs
  • Check all appliances including washer/dryer
  • Check all windows for leaks
  • Check internet/ cable connection
  • Check all electronics.

We also feel that  our owners should have a Smart Home Control System to monitor who is entering your property as well as controlling the a/c controls from your home computer is very important. This will also eliminate the need for keys as there will be a key pad installed on your front door that you can customize passcodes for.

Please visit to read about  the system that we recommend using and to see what the cost will be to you.

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