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Exciting Entertainment Near Reunion Resort

  • October 17, 2014
  • News

When searching for new property, you should consider real estate for sale in Reunion Resort. Located six miles from Walt Disney World, this area boasts beauty, relaxation, numerous amenities and is within close proximity to multiple entertainment options. Individuals of all ages can find activities that are fun, educational and enjoyable.

Showcase of Citrus

With acres of groves, Showcase of Citrus provides over 50 varieties of citrus fruit for visitors to enjoy. Patrons can pick from the bounty of ripe fruit, choosing the most delectable and delicious citrus. The farm also provides a great place to relax and have a picnic.

Fantasy of Flight

Coined as the world’s greatest attraction for aviation, this venue houses a vast array of vintage and truly unique aircraft. Visitors have the opportunity to not only tour the grounds and see the planes, but can sit in an actual replicated cockpit of a Corsair fighter plane. One of the most popular activities offered at the Fantasy of Flight is an amazingly realistic simulation of hang gliding, great for those who wish to experience the thrill without actually leaving the ground!

Off-Roading Experience

Fun activities near Reunion Resort also include a true off-road experience provided by Revolution. This is the best water and motor sports venue in Orlando, offering you the chance to drive an array of off-road vehicles. These include dune buggies, Jeep Wranglers, ATV’s, and other four-wheel drive options. They also offer customers the ability to ski or fish on beautiful Floridian water.

Kennedy Space Center

The actual journey to outer space begins here at the Kennedy Space Center, where visitors can see firsthand the daily activities that go into space exploration. Visitors can read the inspiring stories of past astronauts, relive the stages of previous journeys and learn about the process involved in traveling to outer space.

Old Town

Constructed in 1990, Old Town Kissimmee offers a carnival style atmosphere 365 days a year. There are events and rides for everyone, no matter your age. Saturday night in Old Town boasts a massive car cruise through the streets, putting on display hundreds of cars. They range from classic cars to souped-up sports rods. The cruise has become the largest of its kind in the United States.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Silver Springs allows passengers to partake in a one of a kind viewing experience with their glass bottomed boat ride. The pure waters of the Silver River lend themselves to a world of aquatic life that would not normally be seen in other parts of the world. This boat ride is a must do activity for any resident of Reunion Resort.

For more family-friendly attractions near Reunion Resort, don’t hesitate to contact Buy Reunion Resort today, and speak with one of our knowledgeable real estate agents in Reunion, FL today.

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